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This page contains Q&A related to the six week Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course but can also answer questions about all courses offered here.


Many aspiring designers like you did as well. Here’s what they ask me, Shirley, along with answers that elevate your confidence.

How can you see my gift basket online if I want to show you one of my designs?

I provide instructions during the second lesson on how you can show me your gift basket so I can give you feedback on the structure, colors, bow, and total design.

Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask?

There is no limit whatsoever! Past students have asked dozens of questions during each lesson, and so can you. I respond to each question quickly and thoughtfully.

I’m not located in the United States. Is this course still good for me to take?

Thankfully, gift baskets are a universal gift, and I’ll be able to guide you no matter where you live. Many of this class’s students come from all over the world. I’ll help you to find your success!

How much is the gift basket class?

The price is set by the school in which you enroll through online. Click the Enroll button below to see the price. Clicking the button won’t immediately sign you up for the class; you’re clicking to see the price. From there you can decide when to enroll.

What if I don’t like the class after the first lesson. Can I get my money back?

The best way to check on this is to contact the school that administers the course since each facility has different rules. That’s the local school where you enroll. You’ll see their name as you sign up.

Do we ever see each other in person?

Because this course is delivered online so you can receive each lesson at your convenience by computer, we unfortunately never see each other in person. However, this online course makes it possible for you to quickly get started with gift baskets, and that’s much better than waiting for me to travel to your area which may never happen.

Can I really start a gift basket business when I finish this course?

The answer is “Yes, absolutely!” You will have a firm grasp of all the administrative and design details necessary to start your business. Best of all, you can ask me as many questions as you wish to ensure that all the information you need is answered.

Can I contact you with questions when the course ends?

When the course ends, hopefully you will have asked all of your questions, as you have lots of time during the class and weeks after it ends to get all the information you need. When the class ends, if you still have questions, membership in the Gift Basket Channel is the place to learn more and continue your education.

Is there anything about gift baskets that you can’t mention or tell me in this course?

In this class I tell you everything with no holds barred. There are no secrets, no diversions, nothing that you can’t ask or won’t learn. I encourage you to enroll through the link below and experience this for yourself!

Can I ask you a question about gift baskets about something you don’t cover here?

This course covers every possible gift basket topic. However, if there’s a question or situation that’s specific to gift baskets that, for whatever reason, is not covered in the course, you are encouraged to ask. I’m your mentor and am ready to answer.

I don’t know how to price gift baskets so I make money. Can you help me with that?

One lesson fully covers pricing. In that lesson you’ll receive formulas that today’s designer uses to determine how much profit she’ll make with each order. From the descriptions and examples, you’ll be able to choose the formula that’s right for you.

Can you give me the names of companies that sell wholesale foods and gifts?

Many students in this class share the names of wholesalers with other students. That’s one way to get this information. I try my best to share this as well; however, because you live in an area that’s probably different than me, I help you to uncover wholesalers located close to you that sell quality products. That will help you see their producs in person and decrease your costs, a very-important strategy when making gift baskets!

Why does one school offer a higher price for your class than another school?

This is a valid question I receive frequently by email. I teach the course but have no knowledge about or control over how the course is priced. The universities, continuing education centers, and other facilities where the course is available may be able to provide you with more insight on this. Please contact them directly. Outside of that, you receive the same exceptional level of quality service, insight, and information from me on starting your gift basket business no matter where and how you enroll.