Start Your Own Gift Basket Business

Gift basket class, by Shirley George Frazier. All rights reserved.

Sign up now for Start Your Own Gift Basket Business, the online course taught by author and industry expert, Shirley George Frazier.

Learn about designing and the business of gift baskets in the comfort of your own home!

This 12 lesson, 6 week course gives you unlimited access to Shirley (costing $350/hour outside of this course) through a discussion area where you can ask her questions anytime!

Here’s the outline of what you’ll learn in each lesson:

1. Getting Started
2. Gift Basket Making
3. Products and Supplies

4. Your Workspace
5. Your Customers
6. The Competition
7. About Pricing
8. Marketing 101
9. Getting Paid

10. Delivery Options
11. Your Web Site
12. How to Keep Growing

If you’re tired of your gift baskets looking shabby instead of chic,

if you’re looking for a great business where you control how much you make instead of a job that barely covers your living expenses,

then a gift basket business is for you!

As with any business, you need commitment and dedication to see rewards. If you’re ready, Shirley will guide you to success! Click the Enroll button below to start your success.