What Students are Saying

Here are unsolicited reviews from students who completed Shirley’s gift basket class…

“The information provided by the instructor was timely, clear and plentiful. Resources were some of the best in achieving the tools for a successful business from legal documents, tax filings, purchasing supplies and materials, advertising, shipping and securing payments for the product sold. The instructor has a light hearted but direct manner of teaching. I truly enjoyed this course. The combination of my talent and the course material is a winner.”

“I would like to thank the instructor, Shirley Frazier, and am truly grateful to her for providing this on-line course. It was fun and educational, the next step in taking turning a passion in to a business!”

“I enjoyed this class so much. I enjoyed our instructor very much. She answered all my questions and a timely and courteous manner. She is great. Thank you so much for having been my teacher.”

“This was an excellent course! Our instructor really showed me the ins and outs of the basket making business and sparked thoughts that did I did not even consider. I think anyone who really wants to turn gift baskets into a business should invest in listening this course.”

“This was well laid out and the progression from lesson to lesson was smooth and easy to follow I really learned a great deal about business procedure in general and not just in gift baskets. Thank you, Shirley!”

“This is an excellent course. I felt the professionalism of the instructor came through clearly in each lesson. A great class…a great instructor. The total package!”

“I really enjoyed this course. It offered me a lot of information about going into business and the many things a person should do and consider. The course was fun, and a great learning experience. I liked making a basket and having feed back on the project. The marketing and advertising were interesting as well as making your own web page. I think the course covered a lot of ground for a person who wants to go into this type of business.”

“This course was amazing!! I loved it!! Easy and enjoyable reading..I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own business..not only gift baskets!! Thank you so much!!”

“Shirley has been a great inspiration to me and my future. I have fully enjoyed taking this class and could not wait for the next lesson to come out each time. For an online class I really felt she was just a step away with talent, support and inspiring words. Her step by step lessons were well thought out. The gift basket industry is one I had not given any thought to until I saw her class online. With a graphic design background and wanting a new direction in my career I thought this was such a neat avenue to explore. I really felt my creative talents could be used in an exciting new way. I feel strongly Shirley has provided me with the information I need to start a successful business and have resources to help me with any concerns I have. I feel very blessed to have come across her path. Thanks so much Shirley!”

“This course exceeded my expectations!!! I’m surprised how thorough and informative all the components of each lesson were. I’m so glad I took this course and thank Shirley for being such a fantastic instructor and mentor.”

I’ve followed every lesson thus far with mounting interest and excitement! I hadn’t expected to find such a course on line, but I’m soooo glad I did. Having ventured into the gifts industry a little while back, I find this course very useful for creativity, administration & business. Thanks Shirley, your lessons are precise and inspiring.

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